Magic Wand

I am so excited about our new periodontal treatment program! We are now offering Perio Protect Trays to our patients. I think these trays are a great idea, and I think our patients will like this new treatment.

We often have patients with dental needs who want us to simply wave a magic wand. Perio Protect Trays are the next best thing to a magic wand. You can check it out with this link.

It can be very difficult for patients to control their oral bacteria at home, which is really the main factor in gum disease. Those pesky microbes hide in places that are very hard for patients to reach on their own. But Perio Protect Trays deliver an antimicrobial medication directly to those hiding places and kill those bacteria. And BONUS the medication also whitens teeth and freshens breath!

If you have gum problems Perio Protect might be just what you need. Give us a call.

The double top secret discount for today is 15% off Perio Protect treatment for the first patient who leaves a reply to this blog.



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