Holy Cats, it’s been a month since I was able to blog! The new year brought us some staff changes. Then we had some team members (me!) out sick. It’s been a crazy start to the new year, so crazy that I simply did not have time to blog. Now that we finally have our newest team member, Tiffanie, up and running hopefully we can remain healthy so that we can get back to normal.

Miss Tiffany Photo by Alison

Miss Tiffany
Photo by Alison

Actually, I think we will be way better than normal. Tiffanie is just great. She is super friendly and a highly skilled, well-trained dental assistant. We are psyched to have her on our team.

The double top secret discount for today is 15% off the next treatment for the first patient who posts a friendly welcome to Tiffanie in the reply section below.

As always if you have any dental needs give us a call. We like hearing from you.



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3 Responses to Tiffanie

  1. Preston Mears says:

    You must be a very nice and very capable person in order to become a part of that office. Dr. Urban didn’t have much help when I started with him in 1994. Seems he has needed more over time and is wise enough to find good people to help him!


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