Spicy Teeth

Poor Sean Spicer, he’s got one of the worst gigs in media. He’s on the hot seat every day, and SNL is skewering him at every turn. However, I am sure he will parlay it into something fabulous in the future. So I won’t feel too bad about piling on here about his teeth.


sean-spicer-nice smile-ss04 cropped

Sean Spicer, Google Images

Although we don’t see it too often he does a great smile and nice teeth. His teeth are a tad artificial but for a fella his age pretty darn good.


In the pic below you can see he has some food stuck in his lower left teeth as he is speaking to the White House Press Corps on television. I would sean-spicer-spinach-in-teeth_650x400_81490715071 (1)be so embarrassed if that were me.

Here in the dental office we are vigilant about such things. Since we are all dental professionals we have no problem telling each other if we have something stuck in our teeth.


dogs head in dogs mouth



Here is a pic of Beth and me after lunch last week. “I think you have a little something . . . Hang on let me just take a peek . . .” We are not shy with each other. It’s a shame Sean didn’t have someone who could be so blunt with him before he went on television.


If you have had an embarrassing dental experience, or if you just want 15% off your next dental appointment post a reply to this blog to get your double top secret discount.

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