That’s right I am going there. I am using the “s” word – stupid. I refuse to sugar coat it. This is stupid if it is true, and I bet it is. I found an article about how people hate to floss in and I find it so irritating that I cannot pussyfoot around it.

“According to the AAP [American Academy of Periodontology], 27% of adults in the United States admit they lie to their dentist about how often they floss. Perhaps more disturbing, 36% would rather do something unpleasant than floss. These activities included washing a sink full of dirty dishes (18%), cleaning the toilet or waiting in a long checkout line (14% each), and sitting in traffic for an hour or doing their taxes (9% each)”

14% would rather clean a toilet than floss? Are you kidding me! They must not put much effort into cleaning that toilet. 9% would rather sit in an hour of traffic? That doesn’t even make sense. If you put a lot of time into flossing and do it perfectly it might take three minutes. These dummies would rather lose an hour of their life in traffic, wasting gasoline, than spend three lousy minutes flossing. That’s just stupid. That’s not merely a preference, that’s an indication that someone cannot do basic math.  Three minutes vs 60 minutes, hello!

I want to meet the people who say they’d rather spend 60 minutes in traffic than three minutes flossing. I have a bridge to sell them. I also have a cousin in Nigeria who is a prince and if we just send him 10K dollars to help him get out of the country we will get back ten million. So please if you would rather spend 60 minutes in traffic than three minutes flossing call me NOW at 703-532-1712.

The double top secret discount (one per patient per month) for today is 15% off the next dental visit for the first patient to post a response to this blog.

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