Trump’s Teeth

There is an article in The Washington Post published on Saturday the 13th in which a gal from the Eastern Shore says, “teeth are the telltale, visible sign of wealth.”

The article is mostly about the haves and the have-nots. It discusses the problems poor people face in getting necessary dental care and contrasts that with rich people being able to spend lots of money on cosmetic dentistry. They mention Donald Trump in the article, and he is a great example of a rich person who has had a lot of cosmetic dentistry.

I found this great triple pic of the progression of his teeth on the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry site. Wow, that is one of the phoniest smiles ever. His teeth are way too white; they seem to almost glow. We call that refrigerator white. They are also too uniform, too straight, too even, just too darn fake. It’s a shame because his natural teeth were perfectly nice as we can see from the older photo.

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