Wow, the Charlize Theron movie Monster is great. It’s so dark and disturbing it’s certainly not for everyone. However, the transformation that Charlize Theron makes from gorgeous movie star to bedraggled, homeless, abused murderer is amazing.

Google Images

The difference that good hair and makeup can make is astonishing. She also gained quite a few pounds for the role, but as always the part that I was amazed by was the transformation in her smile.

While the character’s smile wasn’t bad it was not the gorgeous smile that Theron normally sports.

Google Images

In this image, you can see how she put in a dental prosthesis to make her teeth look too large, stained and a bit off center. Really not bad, not horrible, just not perfect.

For me, this again confirms that people cannot be gorgeous without gorgeous teeth. If you’d like to have gorgeous teeth we can help you with that. The double top secret discount for today is 15% off the next procedure for the first patient who posts a reply to this blog (one per patient per month).


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