The FX mini-series Feud is the story of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and their relationship as frenemies. I love that old Hollywood lore, and Susan Sarandon as Bette and Jessica Lange as Joan are really great.

Toward the end of the series, Joan and Bette are getting old and Joan is having dental problems. It’s tough to have once been the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, now reduced to being a lonely, old gal spitting blood into the sink every time she brushes. The movie portrays this graphically, ick.

Joan crawford dental June 2017

Jessica Lange in the FX Series ‘Feud’

The scene I have images of here is where Joan goes to the dentist. The year is 1969, and the dental equipment reflects that era. However, the dentist’s dialogue does not reflect that era. Whoever wrote the lines was either dentally unaware or perhaps playing to a 2017 audience.

You see the dentist is aghast when Joan reveals that she had her molars voluntarily removed with a procedure, written phonetically by the closed captions as, “The Buckle” or I think more properly spelled as “The Buccal” as buccal is a dental/Latin term that means cheek. The reason I think that is because she claims to have had the procedure to hollow out her cheeks to make her cheekbones appear more prominent.

Jessica Lange in the FX Series “Feud”

The thing that makes those of us in dentistry raise a knowing eyebrow is that this dentist in 1969 supposedly says, “What medieval dentist would extract six teeth without putting in implants?” and the answer is ALL of them. You see back when Joan had those molars extracted, and even when the dentist is treating her decades later in 1969 implants, as we know them today, did not exist! Plus even if implants existed it would make no sense to extract teeth to make the cheeks hollow then fill up the hollow space. Duh!

I get it – they are writing for a 2017 audience, and very few folks watching work in dentistry – I get it. The double top secret discount for today is 15% off for the first patient to post a reply to this blog online.










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