I am bummed to find out that, “Electronic cigarettes are as equally damaging to gums and teeth as conventional cigarettes” according to the study done by the University of Rochester Medical Center.

I am bummed because as both of my readers know I am really opposed to cigarette smoking. I was holding out hope that vaping might be a less harmful way for nicotine addicts to get their fix. But if this study is correct vaping is harmful too. I guess the big question is does vaping cause cancer. I suppose it will take time to find out. If you’d like to discuss this or any other dental issue give us a call at 703-532-1712. . We like hearing from you!

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That’s right I am going there. I am using the “s” word – stupid. I refuse to sugar coat it. This is stupid if it is true, and I bet it is. I found an article about how people hate to floss in and I find it so irritating that I cannot pussyfoot around it.

“According to the AAP [American Academy of Periodontology], 27% of adults in the United States admit they lie to their dentist about how often they floss. Perhaps more disturbing, 36% would rather do something unpleasant than floss. These activities included washing a sink full of dirty dishes (18%), cleaning the toilet or waiting in a long checkout line (14% each), and sitting in traffic for an hour or doing their taxes (9% each)”

14% would rather clean a toilet than floss? Are you kidding me! They must not put much effort into cleaning that toilet. 9% would rather sit in an hour of traffic? That doesn’t even make sense. If you put a lot of time into flossing and do it perfectly it might take three minutes. These dummies would rather lose an hour of their life in traffic, wasting gasoline, than spend three lousy minutes flossing. That’s just stupid. That’s not merely a preference, that’s an indication that someone cannot do basic math.  Three minutes vs 60 minutes, hello!

I want to meet the people who say they’d rather spend 60 minutes in traffic than three minutes flossing. I have a bridge to sell them. I also have a cousin in Nigeria who is a prince and if we just send him 10K dollars to help him get out of the country we will get back ten million. So please if you would rather spend 60 minutes in traffic than three minutes flossing call me NOW at 703-532-1712.

The double top secret discount (one per patient per month) for today is 15% off the next dental visit for the first patient to post a response to this blog.

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According to the Alaska TV station, KTVA, “Prosecutors say an Alaska dentist charged with Medicaid fraud pulled a sedated patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard”

As an English major, I just love that sentence. There is so much packed in that 18-word sentence. First off an Alaska dentist is being

Google images

prosecuted for Medicaid fraud. Not a huge revelation, but still a scandal. Then that this dentist was pulling a patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard. That’s just nuts.

It’s so absurd that it even stumps google images. There are no dentists on hoverboards on Google.


Google Images


I can see riding a hoverboard here in the office as the floor is pretty open and certainly flat. But how on earth does this dentist end up on a hoverboard while treating patients? It strikes me as so absurd that it must be true.

The double top secret discount for today is 15% off for the first patient who posts a reply to this blog. Online only, one per patient per month. 703-532-1712

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Spring Cleaning

We are back from spring break. Since we have some folks in the office who have school-aged children taking off the same week that the kids do makes sense for us.

Beth went to Portugal, Tiffanie went to Atlantic City. Dr. Urban and Nicole had staycations, and I had my floors refinished. It’s glorious to have super clean floors, and now that I also have a robot vacuum cleaner they are bound to stay clean.

It’s so much easier to keep things clean from the start than it is to try to play catch up. The same is true with cleaning your teeth. It’s much easier for you to keep them clean after we have done a professional cleaning for you.

So give us a call at 703-532-1712 and get your spring clean teeth.

The double top secret discount for today is 15% off for the first patient to post a response to this blog. *OPPPM

*One per patient per month.

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Wilbur Wonka D.D.S.

I watched, “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” this weekend. I had only caught bits and pieces of it previously and didn’t know there is a dental theme running throughout.  It seems Willy Wonka’s dad Wilbur Wonka D.D.S. was . . .  well, I guess the D.D.S. gives it away. The sign on his door says, “Wilbur Wonka D.D.S Dental Practitioner”.

It seems Wilbur (played by Christopher Lee) was quite strict with young Willy. Wilbur wouldn’t let him eat any of his Halloween candy and had the poor kid wearing some steampunk looking headgear, which leads us to Willy’s amazingly perfect, and perhaps a tad feminine, teeth.

Google Images

As you can see in this photo the teeth are perfectly white, perfectly proportioned and perfectly straight, even the lowers! While I say a tad feminine that is certainly a judgment call. I showed this pic to Dr. Urban who said he thought the teeth might be veneers. He agrees that the rounded edges are a tad fem, but he also said he thought the lipstick might be the more feminine thing about his smile.

The double top secret discount (*OPPPM) for today is a big one as it’s tricky – 25% off for the first patient who posts the answer to this question. What other Johnny Depp character’s teeth have I blogged about? Here’s a hint – the teeth were not pretty. So read back through past blogs and post the reply here. Then give us a call to claim that fat discount at 703-532-1712

*One per patient per month.



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Spicy Teeth

Poor Sean Spicer, he’s got one of the worst gigs in media. He’s on the hot seat every day, and SNL is skewering him at every turn. However, I am sure he will parlay it into something fabulous in the future. So I won’t feel too bad about piling on here about his teeth.


sean-spicer-nice smile-ss04 cropped

Sean Spicer, Google Images

Although we don’t see it too often he does a great smile and nice teeth. His teeth are a tad artificial but for a fella his age pretty darn good.


In the pic below you can see he has some food stuck in his lower left teeth as he is speaking to the White House Press Corps on television. I would sean-spicer-spinach-in-teeth_650x400_81490715071 (1)be so embarrassed if that were me.

Here in the dental office we are vigilant about such things. Since we are all dental professionals we have no problem telling each other if we have something stuck in our teeth.


dogs head in dogs mouth



Here is a pic of Beth and me after lunch last week. “I think you have a little something . . . Hang on let me just take a peek . . .” We are not shy with each other. It’s a shame Sean didn’t have someone who could be so blunt with him before he went on television.


If you have had an embarrassing dental experience, or if you just want 15% off your next dental appointment post a reply to this blog to get your double top secret discount.  703-532-1712

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Carly & Bruce

On Friday we went to a class given by some of my favorite dental gurus, The Madow Brothers.

These guys are very upbeat, funny, and knowledgeable. A story that Rich Madow told on Friday is one I have heard him tell before. In fact, it’s one I’ve recounted myself in chats about perception. I’ve also seen this story in a Tony Robins self-help book, “Awaken the Giant Within”.

Carly Simon on Google Images

Carly Simon is a well-known, popular singer from the 70’s and 80’s. However, very few people have seen her live in concert because she suffers from stage fright.  She says that before a live show she starts to breathe fast, her pulse races, she feels sweaty and nauseated. She can’t deal with it and she flips; there will be no show because Carly is not feeling well.


Bruce Springsteen on Google Images


Bruce Springsteen is one of the most prolific and renowned rock singers of all time. He performs live often, and his fans think his shows are amazing. He performs live for hours on end. He says that before a live show he starts to breathe fast, his pulse races, he feels sweaty and nauseated. He says when he starts to feel that nausea he knows he’s amping up and it’s time to get out there and put on a great show.

So Carley and Bruce have the same feelings before performing live. She perceives it as an illness; he perceives it as amping up. Perception and labels really can set us back or propel us forward.

What label/perception are you putting on dental treatment that is holding you back from that perfect smile that you have always wanted?  It’s too costly? Or is it really a worthwhile investment in your health and appearance that you deserve?

If there is anything we can do to help you to re-label or perceive dental issues differently, give us a call. We can help you with that. 703-532-1712

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