Mountain Don’t

Holy cow, I don’t usually cringe at movie dental scenes, and I certainly didn’t expect a cringe-worthy dental scene from the movie That Sugar Film. However, I found this scene so disturbing I briefly forgot what movie I was watching.

You see poor Larry has been drinking Mountain Dew since he was 2 years old and apparently doesn’t know which end of the toothbrush to use to boot.  Apparently people in his community will also put soda pop in baby bottles! So just before his 18th birthday he was going to have the nubbins left of his teeth removed and get full dentures.

To me, this is just a tragedy, totally avoidable with a little effort, and it was so brutal. You see at that age, teeth usually have very strong roots, as periodontal disease has yet to take hold. Strong roots and the fact that there is not much tooth structure left to grab on to makes for some terribly difficult extractions. I looked away as the dentist tried to remove ALL of this poor kids teeth. The kid had so many infections (changing the ph. of his body) and was so amped up (creating lots of adrenaline in his system) that the anesthetic didn’t really work, and they gave up. Watch this at your own risk.

Poverty is no excuse for this, unless Mountain Dew flows free from the faucet instead of water. I mean you do have to PAY for Mountain Dew, right? I mean ten Mountain Dews cost like ten bucks right? Ten bucks a day is $300 a month. It is indeed cheaper to drink water, correct? Unless Mountain Dew is free I cannot accept poverty as an excuse to bathe your teeth in sugar every waking moment of the day.

I have so much more to say about this. But I will cut it short and just say that the double top secret discount for today is 15% off for the first person who replies to this blog.





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